For over 30 years The Reitman Group has developed avenues of communication serving the needs of the community and private industry. Our expertise in marketing ,public relations, and advertising has helped to promote the products andThe Reitman Group Entrance services of many businesses and organizations. We believe our advantage is our diversity. We make no claim to being an expert in any one industry. You know your industry - We know how to promote. This combined knowledge produces results. Knowing a particular category, i.e. pharmaceutical, healthcare, construction, entertainment, is essential. Having experience with a variety of industries is absolutely essential for stimulating fresh ideas. The process of "problem solving" is greatly enhanced with these relationships. On the other hand - a narrow focus can produce stagnant and mundane concepts that lead to ineffective solutions.

A truly creative process involves both focus and peripheral vision. The focus of who you are, what you sell, and who you sell to, is an obvious prerequisite and certainly requires skill and competence. How you reach your market and communicate your message is achieved with peripheral vision. This vision is obtained by dealing with a number of industries that each have unique problems with unique solutions. This creative cross referencing enables us to look at your situation and develop solutions that distinguish you from your competition.

From corporate identity programs with logo and web design, to full advertising campaigns, our creative department has the conceptual and technical experience required to produce effective design solutions.